What’s Next Alaska?


“We move in the directions of our conversations.” (Ed Morrison). 

The time to look beyond short-term problem solving is now. We create tomorrow’s possibilities today.

“What declaration of possibility can you make that has the power to transform the community and inspire you?” (Peter Block) 


In order to adapt and thrive, we need to stop continuing the same conversation of budgets, restrictions, and waiting around for federal money.


    Alaska Version 3 is here to support the work of Alaskans who want to strengthen Alaska’s communities, people, and opportunities — resulting in a vibrant, self-sufficient, and globally relevant Alaska that supports its’ rural and urban citizens and economies for generations to come.

    About Alaska Version 3’s Work:


    the resources, tools, opinions and point of views, etc. involving the future of our state.


    explore the many facets of Alaska in the past, present and the Alaska we can be. 


    Connect Alaskans and global partners


    Materials that can be shared with Alaskans in all corners of the state and the shared outcomes our dialogs generate. 

    We’re bringing Alaskans together to explore two major questions:

    1. What is Next for Alaska’s civic and market economies? 

    2. How will we get there?

    So, what’s next, Alaska?

    Read more from our blog to find out what we’ve been up to.

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