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2021 Alaska V3 

Creative Writing Contest



Envisioning our future with Alaska’s next leaders

We all have an idea of what we’d like our communities to look like, but no one knows exactly how we’ll get there. Together with the Alaska Humanities Forum, Alaska Version 3 is challenging all of Alaska to answer one question in an essay, short story, or poem:


What does Alaska look like 30 years from now?


Alaskans of all ages are seeking a new road map, with creative ways to reach yet undefined locations. We look to you for fresh views and wild new ideas as Alaska’s youthful creative writers, visionaries and thinkers.


Please describe the Alaska that the next generation will live in — the “Next Alaska” of 2050 and beyond. It may be an apocalyptic warning or an optimistic vision of a shining state on top of the globe. It may be a future of flying cars or simply better public transportation. Whatever your Alaska looks like, we want to hear it.


2021 Writing contest details


Essay, short story, or poem



Up to $1,000 will be awarded across 6 categories:

  • Grand prize winner — $300
  • Top submissions in other two categories — $200 each
  • Top youth (under 18) in all three categories — $100 each

Judging Criteria

We are seeking community volunteer judges to help us decide on the best-fit winners for the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Follows prompt
  • Within bounds of rules (see below)
  • World-building / “show don’t tell”
  • Thought-engaging / conversation-starting


    1. Submissions must be original work, by the person or persons (groups are encouraged to apply!) submitting the work.  Work published previously in any copyrighted newspaper, magazine, book or other medium is ineligible. Writing for school publications may be entered.
    2. The author retains the copyright to the submitted work, and agrees to publication in AK Humanities Forum, print and online editions, and on the Alaska V3 website. Winners may be asked to provide a photo to appear with their entries.
    3. The contest is open to all Alaska residents, including out-of-state college students. All judges and the Alaska V3 leadership team, and their immediate family are ineligible.
  • Contestants may enter one work in each category, fiction or nonfiction.
    1. Submissions should not exceed 3,000 words. There is no minimum. 
    2. Each submission requires a separate completed entry form. Entries should be entered by completing the form If you are not able to upload your file, you can email it to  after you complete the form, no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday, May 17th, 2021. Only entries in digital format will be accepted. 
  • No submissions will be returned.
  • Judging and winner notification will be completed no later than June 14th.
  1. The decisions of the judges are final. Submission indicates acceptance of all contest rules at the time of submission.  The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to rules or terms, or reject any submission. 


Adapted in part from the ADN Annual Statewide Creative Writing Contest

Support this effort

We are still seeking any financial support to gift bigger and better prizes to all participants! While the initial $1,000 has been met, any additional funding will go to promoting the writing contest, the contest’s winners, and future efforts to create conversations around the Next Alaska we all want to take part in building.


If you are interested in supporting the 2021 AKV3 Creative Writing Contest or AKV3 in general, please click here.

Submissions Form

Please fill out the form by following this link to submit any pieces to the 2021 Alaska V3 Creative Writing Contest.



About Alaska V3

Alaska Version 3 is here to support the work of Alaskans who want to strengthen Alaska’s communities, people, and opportunities — resulting in a vibrant, self-sufficient, and globally relevant Alaska that supports its rural and urban citizens’ economies for generations to come.  


We are working on Compiling, Contextualizing, Connecting, and Creating materials that will assist in bringing Alaskans together to explore the questions: 


  1. What is Next for Alaska’s civic and market economies?  
  2. How will we get there? 


Our steering group is meeting weekly and welcome individual and organizational guests to join the discussion and help us design and launch future events.  For additional information, contact H. “Ky” Holland at 907 727 2735 or or 


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