Alaska V3 



We span boundaries and catalyze action to create new futures for Alaskans locally and globally.

Our work focuses on what Alaska might be in the future, including catalyzing activities that will develop and grow our next economy, which we call Version 3 or V3.

However, we are not moving past what has made Alaska home for generations; rather, we are seeking to strengthen the core of our original subsistence and trade economy, V1; and seeking opportunities to increase the value and sustainability of our resource development economy, V2.

Our V3 economy will include the best of what’s been and found in our original economies including healthy communities, cultures, value creation, tools, and traditions that will strengthen our future communities and economy.

About Alaska Version 3

Alaska Version 3 is here to support the work of Alaskans who want to strengthen Alaska’s communities, people, and opportunities — resulting in a vibrant, self-sufficient, and globally relevant Alaska that supports its rural and urban citizens’ economies for generations to come.  

We are working on Compiling, Contextualizing, Connecting, and Creating materials that will assist in bringing Alaskans together to explore the questions: 

  1. What is Next for Alaska’s civic and market economies?  
  2. How will we get there?